Your hotel will be overseen by a Regional Vice President who will give guidance and monitor all aspects of your operations.


Strategic Planning/Budgeting

The hotel is given the tools and training to produce an annual strategic plan which includes the operating and capital budgets, sales plan, and the guest and employee satisfaction plans. The Regional Vice President and others interact and approve at successive points ensuring the hotel is on track to maximize its returns for you.



Holloway utilizes a complete suite of reporting tools to ensure we are maximizing results and spotting trends quickly. The General Manager is held responsible at all times via a set of weekly and monthly reports.


Holloway Lodging Management Services is sales driven. We measure success by maximizing market share and RevPar gains.



Our sales structure includes a National Director of Sales, Regional Directors, market specialists for the Corporate, Sports, Association, Tour and Crew markets and hotel level sales managers. The National and Regional Directors are hands on sales persons and act as the representatives for high volume key accounts. They also lead sales missions with the field sales persons. All sales managers have cross selling mandates, taking daily direction from their Regional Director. Your Regional Vice President will be actively involved with the sales efforts and rate decisions.


Revenue Management

Holloway believes in the details and no rate is positioned or offered without the scrutiny of our Director of Revenue Management. For high volume accounts and groups the senior level sales persons are involved as well as the Regional Vice President.

Revenue management meetings are held with each hotel on a scheduled basis. The Director of Revenue Management maintains excellent relationships with the brands and online travel agencies to ensure your hotel is well placed and taking advantage of the online marketing tools that are appropriate. Your hotel is unique and will receive a tailor made revenue management and sales plan.


Accounting & Cost Management

Limited service hotels are serviced by an accountant located at our head office. The financial statements mirror the budgets, allowing for effective variance analysis and comparisons to the peer group via an in-depth monthly key performance indicator report. The hotels are also monitored via a daily revenue report, a weekly payroll & operations report and the monthly statement review and commentary.

Payrolls and payables are centralized. Receivables are monitored at the head office level with collections administrated by the property.


Human Resources

Effective human resources management is a core competency. This department is led by a National Director of Human Resources and supported by a Regional Director. Human Resources is responsible for:

  • Monitoring and guidance for all hiring, terminations and performance management
  • Direct involvement for all progressive discipline
  • Ensuring compliance to all government regulatory issues
  • Employee satisfaction survey and follow up
  • Benefits management
  • Union matters
  • Employee training

Our Human Resource professionals will work hand in hand with your General Manager and Regional Vice President to ensure we maximize the potential of all employees and limit human resource based liabilities.


Insurance & Property Taxes

Holloway has the capability to manage your hotel’s insurance and property tax matters.

Maintenance & Capital Management

Each region is supported by a Regional Director of Maintenance for technical assistance. The Vice President of Purchasing and Regional Vice President are also involved in maintenance and capital decisions.


The Vice President of Purchasing leads a comprehensive national level purchasing program. We are also a member of the Avendra purchasing group. Supplier pricing compliance and hotel participation is monitored by the Vice President of Purchasing.